Wanted: Computer Science and Biology share the same nomenclatures

Although different disciplines intend quite different causal processes by the same nomenclature, metaphorical use of a term from one field in another is often important for theory construction.

Not coincidentally, biology grew up alongside computer science (CS) and the computing industry. After the 1953 solution of the DNA double helix, as the problem of the genetic code took shape, molecular biologists found analogies with information, text and communication irresistible, borrowing words such as ‘transcription’, ‘translation’, ‘messengers’, ‘transfers’ and ‘signalling’. What’s else? Please post them here and we will eventually post a list. Your brief teaser statement highlighting main similarities and differences of each term or phrase, concise evidences pinpointed the result, and any further information, will feature the list a lot. Your generous contribution is deeply appreciated!

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