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In face of the intricate problem of publication ethics, most scientists have been defending honest and sound science as William James did in 1893. Now, the scientific enterprise requires an open-minded and payoff-based forum for discussing potential renege, laissez-faire and failures to establish better regulatory standards and social norms.

The Authorship Watch is a dynamic scientific community in China. The desideratum is to defend sound science against the publish-or-perish trend and improve the quality of research integrity by enabling innovative approaches for community interaction.

The as an non-profit service run for the benefit of its readers and commenters, who create its content. Our current focus is maintaining and developing the Authorship Watch online platform for discussing miscellaneous authorship investigations, especially some untapped fields such as machine credit, animal credit, false authorship, ghost authorship, honorary authorship, hyperauthorship, etc.


The success of the is due to the expertise and diligence of our users, who create all of its content. Nevertheless, comments should always be considered as sources of potentially useful information whose veracity readers must evaluate for themselves.

The operation of the web site and any views expressed on it are completely independent of the dedicated volunteers of the Authorship Watch community.

The Authorship Watch controls the domains, as well as the @authorshipwatch twitter account.

Further information can be found in our FAQ and Terms of Service.


We write occasional posts outlining our viewpoints on issues related to scientific research.

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