浙江作为文化大省,非物质文化遗产数量众多,在我省迈向经济现代化的背景下,亟待对非物质文化遗产加强保护。为此,浙江省文化厅于2008年6月在浙江传媒学院挂牌设立“浙江省非物质文化遗产基地”。 浙江传媒学院设立的“浙江省非物质文化遗产基地”是浙江省文化厅领导下的浙江省多家高校同类基地之一,与其他高校呈互补关系,同时凸显浙江传媒学院传媒类艺术院校的独特优势,既做全面研究,又有所侧重。其侧重点为浙江传媒学院影像记录的独特优势,即以影视手段客观记录非物质文化遗产各种项目的具体内容,以作为影像资料长久保存,作为研究者研究的依据,实现保护和传承的目的。


Introduction to Zhejiang Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base (ZPICHRB)

Zhejiang Province, as a big cultural province, homes a large number of Intangible Cultural Heritages (ICHs). With its economy in full swing, it is urgent to strengthen the protection of intangible cultural heritage under the background of economic modernization. In June 2008, The Zhejiang Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base (ZPICHRB) at Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ) was proved by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, Zhejiang Province, PR. China.

As one of several similar bases in universities, the ZPICHRR of CUZ is a complementary relationship with other colleges and universities as well as highlighting the unique advantage of institutions of ZUMC. Focusing on the unique strengths of CUZ, we are committed to record objectively the specific elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects (ICHPs) and their ecosystem settings via photologging technologies, and share those valuable materials and discoveries with the community of protection and inheritance of ICHPs.

Nowadays, we go all out to great skill in theoretical studies and empirical research macroscopically and comprehensively, make a leap in communing with multicultural vision to build new domain of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Tangible Heritage (TH) and Eco-systemic settings.

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Here, I would like to coin our motto for mutual encouragement:

With time rolling on, everything fell into oblivion in the history, and it is visionary endeavor that will finally help us penetrate to the essence of reality.”

— Zhiwen HU