“Open Repository on Cultural Property”

This collection of documents from 1877 in the domain of cultural property in English is the first digital open repository following international standards and using open source software.

It covers categories of the representational statutory instruments on cultural property adopted by international organizations and Chinese authorities, including Charter, Consensus, Convention, Declaration, Guideline, Law, Manifesto, Memorandum, Pact, Principle, Promise, Recommendation, Regulation, Resolution, Statement, Statute, and Best Practices, as well as founding background documents and position references.

Best Practices

We share here a collection of Best Practices, “a thorough investigation of existing usages and laws in cultural heritages”, not only in China but also from all over of the world.

China: Memory of the World

We share here a collection of documentary heritage submitted by China and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register.

UNESCO established the Memory of the World Programme in 1992. Impetus came originally from a growing awareness of the parlous state of preservation of, and access to, documentary heritage in various parts of the world.War and social upheaval, as well as severe lack of resources, have worsened problems which have existed for centuries. Significant collections worldwide have suffered a variety of fates. Looting and dispersal, illegal trading, destruction, inadequate housing and funding have all played a part. Much as vanished forever; much is endangered. Happily, missing documentary heritage is sometimes rediscovered.

World Heritage List (China)

We share here a collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China. China has 48, ranking second in the world. China ratified The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage on 12 December 1985. These sites comprise some of the most essential part of China’s valuable and rich tourism resources.

Chinese Classics

We share here a collection of valuable Chinese Classics which enjoys long history, including a amount of original editions and their easily available versions reprinted in existing facsimile-form, block-prints, transcripts and lithographs.

Who’s Who in China

The collection Who’s Who in China, is a listing of prominent China people who thinking globally and acting locally, where the inclusion criterion is the biographee’s greatest achievements to feature Chinese culture and civilization and recognized in the World.

It aims to strengthen:

  • a reference work on ancient prominent people who thinking globally and acting locally
  • a number of reference publications, generally containing concise biographical information on the particular greatest achievements



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