The work of the Zhejiang Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base is primarily project based, with many projects involving close collaboration with local, national, and international partners.


National Cultural Innovation Key Project of China under grant NCIP201403 (2014.8.1 ~  2016.8.30).


China homes a large variety of cultural and natural heritage with a long history. The most fascinating feature of those heritage includes its very diverse rural areas with their individual traditions, ways of life, and working methods which unite us all in the process of exchange and dialogue. One of the most significant aspects of the people in historical and cultural towns and villages (HCTVs) of China is their intense interaction with their environment, which has resulted in the reshaping of very diverse cultural landscapes and a fascinating biodiversity.

This project aims to address the urgent need for developing methodological considerations and sustainable solutions to the modern conservation of Chinese Historical and Cultural Towns and Villages (HCTVs) from their protosomatic patterns of all humankind, including the status quo of

  • Tangible Heritage (TH)
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)
  • Eco-systemic settings
  • The processes of their production

Current Projects