Statutes of ICOMOS of 1987

Statutes of ICOMOS of 1987.

Preface: The Statutes of ICOMOS of 1987 was adopted by the 5th General Assembly, Moscow, USSR, 22 May, 1987.





The 5th General Assembly, Moscow, USSR, 22 May, 1987


  • Established in 1965, ICOMOS, is an international non-governmental organization under French law (Law of 1 July 1901 relating to contract of association). ICOMOS is an associate partner of UNESCO.
  • The Statutes of ICOMOS of 1987 is amended based on the Statutes of ICOMOS of 1965, which is adopted by the Constituent Assembly of ICOMOS in Warsaw (Poland) on 22 June 1965.
  • The ICOMOS Ethical Principles complement these Statutes and the ICOMOS Rules of Procedure and should be adhered to in conjunction with them. All terms used in these Statutes to designate a person with responsibilities are to be interpreted as implying that women and men are equally eligible to exercise such responsibilities.




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