Recommendation Concerning the Safeguarding of the Beauty and Character of Landscapes and Sites (1962)

The South China Karst region extends over a surface of half a million square kilometers lying mainly in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. It represents one of the world’s most spectacular examples of humid tropical to subtropical karst landscapes. The stone forests of Shilin are considered superlative natural phenomena and a world reference with a wider range of pinnacle shapes than other karst landscapes with pinnacles, and a higher diversity of shapes and changing colours. The cone and tower karsts of Libo, also considered the world reference site for these types of karst, form a distinctive and beautiful landscape. Wulong Karst has been inscribed for its giant dolines (sinkholes), natural bridges and caves.

Preface: The Recommendation Concerning the Safeguarding of the Beauty and Character of Landscapes and Sites (1962) was adopted at 12th Session of The General Conference of UNESCO, Paris, on 11 Dec., 1962.






The General Conference of UNESCO (12th Session), Paris, 11 Dec., 1962


  • It intended to supplement existing measures for the protection of nature, recognizes the important aesthetic, cultural, spiritual and scientific value of landscapes and the threat of poorly regulated development.
  • It addresses natural and manmade landscapes and sites, including urban landscapes threatened by development and particularly areas that surround monuments, and encourages the use of both preventive and corrective measures and emphasizes the importance of urban and rural planning and oversight in safeguarding landscapes from infrastructure development, deforestation, pollution, advertising, building design and other named threats.
  • It recommends educational action to raise public awareness of and respect for landscapes and sites. It emphasizes the importance of teacher training, involvement of the media, and state support for educational activities.



Recommendation Concerning the Safeguarding of the Beauty and Character of Landscapes and Sites (1962)


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